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The following security highlight to search for is the trademark watermark. In a large number of the new bills, the watermark is really a copy of the face on the bill. In a few, it is just an oval spot.

There are a few things to remember while analyzing a watermark.

The watermark should just be obvious when you hold it up to the light

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A definitive test is to put the bill under an UV or dark light and ensure the bill gleams the right shading. This additional safety effort was initially added to give a speedy method to bar proprietors (one of the organizations most normally focused to discard fake bills) to check the authenticity of a bill.

Here are the area and shades of the security strings on various bills:
$5 – Right side. Gleams blue under UV light

$10 – Right side. Gleams orange under UV light

$20 – Far left hand side. Gleams green under UV light

$50 – Right around the center. Gleams yellow Under UV light

$100 – On left side. Gleams pink under UV light

Security Ribbon (On new $100 as it were)

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The recently printed $100 has an additional security include. There is an unmistakable blue security strip down the correct center of the bill that is 3D. In the event that you move it forward and backward, you will really observe the number 100 and an assortment of little chimes will move from side-to-side as the bill shifts.

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